Case study

Central Sneakers Chatbot

AI Automation

The e-commerce company encountered challenges in customer engagement, personalization, and efficiency.

we worked on

AI Development

We developed and integrated their app with a chatbot powered with today's most powerful AI language model, GPT-4.

App Features:

  • Human-like conversations
  • Accurate product recommendations
  • Agent escalation when needed
  • In-depth analytics for improved insights
  • Multilingual capabilities for broader reach


  • Significantly improved customer interactions and engagement.
  • Chatbot efficiently handled routine queries, reducing agent workload.
  • Personalized product recommendations led to higher sales conversions.
  • Agent escalation ensured customers received prompt assistance for intricate issues.
  • Analytics provided actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and established Central Sneakers as an AI-driven innovator.
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