AR has a multitude of advantages

Whether it's improving user experiences, increasing operational efficiency, or driving customer engagement, AR's potential is boundless.

  • Much higher conversions
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Competitive edge
More conversions
Fewer Returns

An emerging industry

The AR market is projected to hit a value of $1.1 trillion by 2030. While the technology is powerful, it's currently underutilized.

We provide our clients a competitive edge, and brand them as a pioneer in their industries, when implementing AR ahead of the curve.

About us

We're here to help you thrive in the digital world.

We are a full-service development firm for startups and SMEs. Our mission is to help you thrive in the rapidly evolving digital world, where every moment counts.

Our team of expert developers, designers, and innovators is committed to creating immersive AR solutions that captivate, engage, and inspire.

Case Study

A Case Study

Our furniture client was facing increasing return rates and customer dissatisfaction due to size and fitting issues.

We solved these issues by integrating Augmented Reality in their business. Customers were able to smoothly view each model from their selection of products in real space, with accurate measurements, using their phone camera.

We continue to improve the software and stay updated with their growing catalogue. The project reduced return rates, boosted customer satisfaction, and branded our client as a pioneer in their industry.

Consumer-centric AR uses

View the industries our implementations for Augmented Reality has great potential in to boost sales and engagement.


Shoppers can view the product in their homes / offices with accuracy.


Shoppers can view a watch on their wrists, clothing on their body, shoes on their feet.


Diners can view how the dishes would look on their table with accuracy before ordering.

Other industries

Augmented Reality has growing use cases and can promote growth for a business in any industry.

The App Development Process

We initiate projects with thorough planning and research.

  • Brainstorm client-aligned innovative ideas
  • Conduct market research for trend analysis and gap identification
  • Create detailed reports on market insights and competitor offerings

We craft intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces

  • Create user-friendly wireframes and prototypes
  • Involve clients in design decisions and adjustments
  • Ensure design complies with platform-specific guidelines

We bring the app to life with robust development.

  • Implement agile methodologies for efficient delivery
  • Follow developing best practices for a robust, secure app
  • Provide regular progress updates and incorporate client feedback

We ensure that the app is flawless through thorough testing.

  • Conduct comprehensive testing for a bug-free product
  • Use both automated and manual testing techniques
  • Involve clients in testing and feedback collection

Your app is ready to launch and thrive!

  • We can handle app submission to app stores
  • We can collaborate on launch strategy and marketing tactics
  • We provide full support during the launch process

We continue to maintain and update the app.

  • Offer post-launch support including bug fixes and updates
  • Use user feedback for app refinement and improvement
  • Provide scalable solutions for future growth